* Let's keep it simple, organized, fun and easy!
* Over twenty years experience with 900+ weddings photographed right here in San Diego and abroad.
On a personal level:

* Both San Diego natives who love everything San Diego: Mission Bay bike rides, hiking Torrey Pines and hiking in the mountains, walking along Sunset Cliffs, local road trips,  Ob Farmers Market,  cabins in Mount Laguna, adventures in Borrego Springs, eating good food around town... We also love mini adventures and taking advantage of everything Southern California has to offer: Palm Springs Tram, Hiking Mount San Jacinto, camping in Idyllwild, Las Vegas, Taking the Surfliner up the coast! Our favorite thing is hosting parties at home and drinking our beer and champagne!! Enough about us... We want to know what YOU do for fun!! 

* Both of us own houses on the border of Point Loma/ Ocean Beach and love home: Bbq's, gardening, house projects, playing with our cats and dogs... Update!!! Chana just sold her OB house and bought a ranch out in east county! You can now find her doing massive projects on her property or hosting pool parties!! So, now we are truly all over San Diego, from the beach area to east county!

​​​​​​​Our photography style:

* Chana started photographing weddings in 1996 and Chana and Don have been a team since 2000. Together, we completely compliment each other and can handle any situation with ease. With us, you will have a smooth timeline and we will truly make everything easy for you.

* We stay super calm and organized on your wedding day. We are there to get the job done and cover everything, but we also make sure everyone has fun and that the formals are done fast. We are REALLY known for the candid moments we capture and are ALL about real emotions!
* Let's keep it natural yet fun! We do a mix of the must have family/wedding party groupings, super fun action candids, and beautiful artistic scenics. We will guide you throughout the day and stay very organized so that everything is nice and smooth and so that you can get back to your guests in a timely manner. The creative ideas and inspiration are always flowing, and we also love getting input from you and your wedding party. 

* Because of our experience and passion, you can absolutely count on us to be consistent and capture your real emotions.  You can tell how comfortable we make our couples feel by looking through our online galleries: Everyone is wearing genuine smiles, and we will also make you feel comfortable the entire time AND make sure to use the best lighting and angles. We realize that a lot of people don't like getting their picture taken or how they look in photos, but with us, you will look your absolute best and the real you will be captured! 

* Being extremely organized is key. Very important things we do: Prompt email responses and clear communication! We will also design a very detailed timeline for you so that you can easily visualize how your wedding day could possibly unfold. Our organization and clear communication means you can relax and have fun on your wedding day, knowing that everything is being handled!

Traveling and destination weddings:
* Traveling is awesome, and we have been flown to capture numerous weddings all over Cabo San Lucas, Grand Wailea Maui, Makena Maui, Oahu Pipeline, Big Island Hawaii, Kailua Kona Big Island Hawaii, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Catalina Island, Lake Tahoe, Florida, North Carolina... Where next?!
Technicals on the day of your wedding:
* We use the best equipment available including the newest and latest Canon 5d Mark III and also bring backup everything to each wedding. 
* We take unlimited photos on the day of and are constantly running around covering everything. Being a seasoned photographer means we can prepare ourselves for a great candid moment right before it is about to happen and we KNOW what to look for before anyone points it out to us. 
* We do believe in quality over quantity and we treat every photo the same, with attention to detail and color and making sure the finished product is the best. 
* You will get a normal color version of each photo taken and you will also receive quite a few of them in black and white as well. 
* We take our time to photoshop every single photo so that all of your memories have the same quality as everything you see on our website and in our albums, not just a handful of “the best ones.” 
* Our years and years of photographing together as a team means that we are absolutely consistent with quality and get the same quality end result at every single wedding. 
* Being that we have photographed 900+ weddings, we are well aware of all the important moments and details that need to be captured. We've got this, and we do it with ease!  
* We stay super calm on your wedding day and can handle any situation, but we are all about having fun and making sure you all have the best time too!! 
* Although we are calm in any situation and most of all want to make sure you have fun and have real smiles on your face, we also stay on top of things and make sure all formals are done fast so you can get back to your guests and fun events. 
* We are ALL about capturing all of the real moments and real emotions. We REALLY capture everyone’s joy and real personalities!!!! 
* We have a “must take photo list” that is completely second nature for us to cover. Want to see our list? Let me know and I will gladly email it to you! 
* Want to see how your day could possibly unfold? Email me with some basic details like ceremony time and where you are getting dressed and I can come up with a timeline for your entire day!    
* What can we do for you? How can we make this the best experience for you?
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